34KW DC Fast Charging Station Mobile Ev Charger For Road Emergency Rescue

Introducing the “Emergency Mobile EV Charging Station” – Your Reliable and Versatile EV Charging Solution

    Model Number DC EV charging station
    Interface Standard: GB/T ,CCS2 ,CCS1, CHAdeMO
    Product name: Emergency mobile EV charging Station
    Certificate IEC; CE; ISO; ROHS
    Apllication: Electric vehicles, Electric Power Systems
    Energy storage power 34KWh LiFePO4
    Output Power: 40KW
    Output Voltage: DC220V-750V
    IP grade: IP54
    Working temperature: -10℃-60℃
    Charging mode Manual or password or scan
    Product weight 420KG


    The “Emergency Mobile EV Charging Station” is designed to provide a dependable and flexible electric vehicle (EV) charging solution, especially in emergency situations. With support for various interface standards, high energy storage capacity, and essential certifications, this mobile charging station is the ideal choice for EV owners and operators looking to ensure EV availability even in challenging circumstances.

    Key Features:

    • Model Number: Emergency Mobile EV Charging Station
    • Interface Standard: Compatible with multiple interface standards, including GB/T, CCS2, CCS1, and CHAdeMO, ensuring broad EV compatibility.
    • Certificate: Certified with IEC, CE, ISO, and ROHS, signifying adherence to international standards and quality.
    • Application: Suited for electric vehicles and electric power systems, providing a reliable power source when needed most.
    • Energy Storage Power: Equipped with a substantial 34KWh LiFePO4 energy storage system, ensuring an ample energy supply for charging.
    • Output Power: Offers a robust 40KW of power output, ensuring efficient and rapid charging of EVs.
    • Output Voltage: Supports a wide output voltage range, from DC220V to DC750V, accommodating a variety of EV models.
    • IP Grade: Features an IP54 rating, providing resistance to dust and water, making it suitable for outdoor use.
    • Working Temperature: Operates reliably within a temperature range from -10°C to 60°C, ensuring functionality in various environments.
    • Charging Mode: Offers multiple charging modes, including manual input, password-based access, or scanning for user convenience.
    • Product Weight: Weighs 420KG, making it portable and easy to transport to locations where emergency charging is required.

    The “Emergency Mobile EV Charging Station” is the perfect solution for ensuring EV availability in emergency situations, power outages, or remote locations. Its high energy storage capacity and support for multiple charging modes make it a reliable choice for EV owners and operators.

    Upgrade your emergency EV charging capabilities with the “Emergency Mobile EV Charging Station” and experience the convenience and peace of mind of having a reliable and portable charging solution on hand when you need it most. Choose this mobile charging station for an efficient and versatile charging experience.


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