EUROPEAN Standard 20KW new Chademo with IP Protection level IP44

Introducing the “DC EV Charging Station (WallBox)” – Your Compact Home Charging Solution

    Model Number DC EV Charging Station (WallBox)
    Output Power 30KW-180KW
    Application Site: DC Home Charging
    Certificate IEC; CE; ISO; ROHS
    Cable length 5M(Customizable)
    Type Wall Mounted
    Color Grey
    Current DC
    Function Screen Display
    Phases/Lines: 3 phase+ neutral + PE

    High Frequency Converter

    Input protection

    DC output protection

    Auxiliary Power Supply

    Charging Plug have Temperature Sensor inside it

    Without payment 5M Input Cable


    The “DC EV Charging Station (WallBox)” is designed to provide an efficient and compact charging solution for electric vehicle (EV) owners, specifically for residential use. This WallBox charging station offers a range of features to meet the needs of home charging while maintaining safety and quality.

    Key Features:

    • Model Number: DC EV Charging Station (WallBox)
    • Output Power: Offers a flexible power output range from 30KW to 180KW, providing rapid charging options for your EV.
    • Application Site: Designed for residential use, making it the perfect choice for home charging.
    • Certificate: Certified with IEC, CE, ISO, and ROHS, ensuring compliance with international standards and peace of mind.
    • Cable Length: Comes with a 5-meter cable, which is customizable to suit your installation requirements.
    • Type: Wall-mounted design, allowing for convenient installation on the wall of your home or garage.
    • Color: Features a sleek grey finish, complementing a variety of home environments.
    • Current: Provides direct current (DC) charging, offering fast and efficient charging for your EV.
    • Function: Equipped with a screen display to provide essential charging information and status updates.
    • Phases/Lines: Supports 3-phase, neutral, and protective earth (PE) configurations for safe and efficient charging.
    • Sensors: Includes high-frequency converter, input protection, DC output protection, and auxiliary power supply, ensuring safe and reliable operation.
    • Temperature Sensor: The charging plug is equipped with a temperature sensor to monitor charging conditions and prevent overheating.
    • Input Cable: Comes with a 5-meter input cable for easy connection to your power source without the need for additional purchases.

    The “DC EV Charging Station (WallBox)” is the perfect solution for residential EV owners, offering a compact, wall-mounted design with flexible power options and safety features to make home charging easy and convenient.

    Upgrade your home charging experience with the “DC EV Charging Station (WallBox)” and enjoy the convenience and reliability of rapid EV charging at home. Choose this WallBox charging station to meet your residential EV charging needs and enjoy the benefits of clean and efficient charging.


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