120kw ev charging station 60Kw Ev Charger Station Electric Car EV Charging Stations

Introducing the “60kW/120kW Charging Station” – Your Advanced Multi-Interface Charging Solution

    Model Number 60kw/120kw charging station
    Interface Standard: CCS2 /GBT/CCS1/CHAdeMO
    Output Current: 180A/125A
    Certificate IEC; CE; ISO; ROHS
    Output Power: 60kW/100kw
    Input Voltage: 304~456V AC
    Power Output 30kw/60kw
    Special Feature: CCS2 DC+AC In One
    Frequency: 45-65Hz
    Phases/Lines: 3 phase+ neutral + PE
    Application Site: Indoor/Outdoor
    Voltage: 50VDC-1000VDC
    Protection Grade: IP54


    The “60kW/120kW Charging Station” is your go-to solution for versatile and high-power electric vehicle (EV) charging. Engineered to deliver exceptional performance and equipped with multiple interface standards, this charging station is the perfect choice for EV charging infrastructure operators and businesses looking to offer fast and convenient charging services.

    Key Features:

    • Model Number: 60kW/120kW Charging Station
    • Interface Standard: Supports a wide range of interface standards, including CCS2, GBT, CCS1, and CHAdeMO, ensuring compatibility with a variety of EV models.
    • Output Current: Offers a choice between 180A and 125A, allowing you to provide the charging capacity that suits your specific needs.
    • Certificate: Certified with IEC, CE, ISO, and ROHS, providing assurance of quality and compliance with international standards.
    • Output Power: Provides high-output power options, with ratings of 60kW and 100kW, enabling fast and efficient charging.
    • Input Voltage: Designed to accept input voltages in the range of 304V to 456V AC, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to different power sources.
    • Power Output: Delivers both DC and AC power output, making it a versatile choice for a range of EV charging scenarios.
    • Special Feature: Offers the unique feature of CCS2 DC+AC in one, providing a comprehensive solution for various charging needs.
    • Frequency: Operates in the frequency range of 45-65Hz, ensuring compatibility with various power systems.
    • Phases/Lines: Provides support for 3-phase, neutral, and protective earth (PE) configurations, ensuring safe and efficient charging.
    • Operational Temperature: Functions reliably within a wide temperature range from -20°C to +55°C, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.
    • Application Site: Can be installed in both indoor and outdoor locations, offering flexibility in placement.
    • Voltage: Supports a wide voltage range from 50VDC to 1000VDC, ensuring compatibility with a variety of EVs.
    • Protection Grade: Features an IP54 protection grade, providing resistance to moisture and dust, ensuring longevity.

    Whether you’re an EV charging infrastructure operator or a business seeking to provide high-power charging services, the “60kW/120kW Charging Station” is the ultimate choice. Its adaptability, high-power capacity, and support for multiple interface standards make it a top-tier product in the EV charging industry.

    Upgrade your EV charging infrastructure today with the “60kW/120kW Charging Station” and experience the difference in convenience, reliability, and performance. Choose this charging station for a superior charging experience that meets and exceeds your expectations.


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