30kW 40kw Level Fast Dc Car Charging Stations For EV Charger

Introducing the “30kW/40kW Charging Station” – Your Reliable Charging Solution

    Model Number 30kw/40kw charging station
    Charging gun: single gun 5 meters
    Output power: 30kw/40kw
    Certificate IEC; CE; ISO; ROHS
     Output voltage: 50-1000V
     Output current range: 0-100A/0-133.3A
    Display screen: 4.3 inch touch color screen
    Swipe card/scan code charging/4G networking
    Protection level: IP54 (outdoor waterproof)
    Working temperature -40°C-50°C


    Our “30kW/40kW Charging Station” is a cutting-edge and robust electric vehicle (EV) charging solution designed to meet the growing demands of EV users. It offers impressive features, certifications, and a user-friendly interface, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

    Key Features:

    • Model Number: 30kW/40kW Charging Station
    • Charging Gun: Equipped with a single gun with a 5-meter cable for convenient access.
    • Output Power: Choose between 30kW and 40kW power output, providing flexibility to suit your charging needs.
    • Certificate: Compliant with IEC, CE, ISO, and ROHS standards, ensuring high-quality and safe charging.
    • Output Voltage: Supports a wide range of output voltages from 50V to 1000V, accommodating various EV models.
    • Output Current Range: Adjustable current output ranging from 0-100A to 0-133.3A, offering versatility and compatibility.
    • Display Screen: Features a 4.3-inch touch color screen for intuitive and user-friendly navigation.
    • Swipe Card/Scan Code Charging/4G Networking: Secure user authentication options and seamless connectivity for charging convenience.
    • Protection Level: IP54-rated for outdoor waterproofing, ensuring reliable operation even in adverse weather conditions.
    • Working Temperature: Operates reliably within a temperature range of -40°C to 50°C, making it suitable for various environments.

    The “30kW/40kW Charging Station” is designed to meet the needs of both EV users and charging station operators. With its adjustable power output, user-friendly interface, and robust outdoor design, it’s a versatile solution for public charging stations, corporate fleets, and more.

    Experience the convenience and reliability of the “30kW/40kW Charging Station” and make EV charging a seamless part of your daily routine. Choose this charging solution for dependable and efficient charging for your electric vehicle.


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