Charger wall mounted OCPP 30kW 60kW fast dc EV Charger With Dual CCS-2

Introducing the “Smart and Versatile 30kW/60kW EV Charging Station” – Your Ultimate Charging Solution

    Model Number 30kw/60kw charging station
    Interface Standard: CCS-1,CCS-2,CHAdeMO,GB/T
    Input Voltage: 400V±15% AC, 3-phase 260Vac-530Vac
    Certificate IEC; CE; ISO; ROHS
    Power Factor >=0.99
    Efficiency 94%%
    Power Output 30kw/60kw
    Output Voltage 150V-1000V DC
    Output Current 100A MAX/200A MAX
    Over current, Under oltage.Over voltage,
    Over temperatureSurge protecton, Short circuit, Ground fault
    Display 8″ TFT LCD touch screen
    Supporting language English or other required language
    User Authentication RFID Card, Mobile App, Remote Access
    Push Buttons Emergency stop
    Data Protocol OCPP1.6J.OCPP2.0.1
    DLB Dynamic Load Balancing
    Charge Options Charge by duration, by energy, by amount
    Operaton Temp -30C~50C1-22 F~122F
    Storage Temp. -40C~70C1-40下~158F
    Working Humidity 95%% relative humidity, non-condensing
    Altitude Up to 6000 feet (2000 m)
    Mountng Type Wall Mount (default) / Floor post (optonal accessory)


    The “Smart and Versatile 30kW/60kW EV Charging Station” is a cutting-edge electric vehicle (EV) charging solution designed to cater to the diverse needs of EV owners and operators. With support for various interface standards, high power output, and essential certifications, this charging station is a beacon of efficient and adaptable EV charging.

    Key Features:

    • Model Number: Smart and Versatile 30kW/60kW EV Charging Station
    • Interface Standard: Compatible with a wide range of interface standards, including CCS-1, CCS-2, CHAdeMO, and GB/T, ensuring broad compatibility with various EV models.
    • Input Voltage: Accepts input voltages of 400V±15% AC, offering a versatile range of 3-phase inputs from 260Vac to 530Vac, ensuring adaptability to different power sources.
    • Certificate: Certified with IEC, CE, ISO, and ROHS, confirming compliance with international standards and quality.
    • Power Factor: Achieves a power factor of greater than or equal to 0.99, enhancing power efficiency.
    • Efficiency: Boasts an impressive 94% efficiency rating, ensuring fast and cost-effective charging.
    • Power Output: Provides variable power output options of 30kW or 60kW, catering to different charging speeds.
    • Output Voltage: Supports a wide output voltage range from 150V to 1000V DC.
    • Output Current: Offers high output current options, with a maximum of 100A or 200A, ensuring fast charging.
    • Electrical Protection: Equipped with multiple electrical protection features, including overcurrent, undervoltage, overvoltage, over-temperature, surge protection, short circuit protection, and ground fault protection.
    • Display: Features an intuitive 8″ TFT LCD touchscreen for user-friendly navigation.
    • Supporting Language: Offers support for multiple languages, including English or other required languages.
    • User Authentication: Allows user authentication through RFID cards, a mobile app, and remote access.
    • Push Buttons: Includes an emergency stop button for safety.
    • Data Protocol: Supports data protocols such as OCPP1.6J and OCPP2.0.1.
    • DLB (Dynamic Load Balancing): Enables dynamic load balancing for optimized power distribution.
    • Charge Options: Provides flexibility in charging methods, including charging by duration, by energy, or by amount.
    • Operation Temperature: Functions reliably within a broad temperature range from -30°C to 50°C (-22°F to 122°F).
    • Storage Temperature: Suitable for storage within a temperature range of -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F).
    • Working Humidity: Designed to operate in conditions of up to 95% relative humidity without condensation.
    • Altitude: Suitable for installation at altitudes of up to 6000 feet (2000 meters).
    • Mounting Type: Offers wall mount as the default option and floor post as an optional accessory for installation.

    The “Smart and Versatile 30kW/60kW EV Charging Station” is the ultimate solution for those seeking a high-powered and adaptable EV charging station. Whether you’re an EV charging station operator or an EV owner, this charging station is designed to meet your needs.

    Upgrade your EV charging infrastructure with the “Smart and Versatile 30kW/60kW EV Charging Station” and experience the convenience and efficiency of top-tier charging technology. Choose this charging station for a seamless and adaptable EV charging experience.


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