Ce Certificated Dc 30kw 180kw Ccs Fast Ev Charging Station

Introducing the “DC Home Charging WallBox” – Your Compact and High-Performance Charging Solution

    Model Number DC EV Charging Station (WallBox)
    Output Power 30KW-180KW
    Application Site: DC Home Charging
    Certificate IEC; CE; ISO; ROHS
    Cable length 5M(Customizable)
    Type Wall Mounted
    Color Grey
    Current DC
    Function Screen Display
    Phases/Lines: 3 phase+ neutral + PE
    5m output gun cable

    display screen

    card swiping

    4G/LAN/WIFI OCPP 5m output cable

    LED display



    Temperature Sensors


    The “DC Home Charging WallBox” is a versatile and powerful electric vehicle (EV) charging station designed for the convenience of residential EV owners. With a wide range of features and certifications, it’s the perfect solution for home charging, offering a customizable 5-meter cable and various advanced functions.

    Key Features:

    • Model Number: DC Home Charging WallBox
    • Output Power: Ranging from 30KW to 180KW, providing the flexibility to meet your specific charging needs.
    • Application Site: Ideal for DC home charging, ensuring that your EV is always ready for your next journey.
    • Certificate: Compliant with IEC, CE, ISO, and ROHS standards, guaranteeing high-quality and safe charging.
    • Cable Length: Customizable 5-meter cable, allowing for flexible installation and easy access to your EV.
    • Type: Wall-mounted design, saving space and enhancing convenience for residential installation.
    • Color: Sleek grey finish, complementing various home decors.
    • Current: DC charging, delivering efficient and reliable power to your EV.
    • Function: Equipped with a screen display for user-friendly navigation and control.
    • Phases/Lines: Designed for 3-phase connections with neutral and protective earth (PE).
    • 5m Output Gun Cable: A 5-meter output cable provides a convenient and flexible reach to your EV.
    • Display Screen: The integrated display screen offers real-time charging information and control.
    • Card Swiping: Secure card-swiping functionality for user authentication and control.
    • 4G/LAN/WIFI OCPP: Supports various connectivity options for seamless integration with charging networks.
    • LED Display: Features an LED display for clear status indications and user guidance.
    • RFID: RFID support for secure user authentication and authorization.
    • Temperature Sensors: Temperature sensors ensure safe and efficient charging.

    The “DC Home Charging WallBox” is the perfect solution for homeowners looking to make their EV charging experience seamless and efficient. With its customizable cable length, advanced features, and certification, it’s a top-tier charging station designed to meet your residential charging needs.

    Experience the convenience and power of the “DC Home Charging WallBox” and ensure that your EV is always charged and ready for your next adventure. Choose this charging solution for a hassle-free and reliable home charging experience.


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