60A Tesla Adapter J1772 To Tesla Connector To Type 1 US EV Plug

Introducing Our High-Quality 60A AC Rated Socket

    Rated Current 60A, AC
    Operation Voltage 250V
    Withstand Voltage 2000V
    IP Degree IP54
    Withstand voltage 2000V AC / Min
    Fire rating UL94V-0


    Product Details:

    • Rated Current: This socket is designed to handle a rated current of 60A for efficient and reliable AC power supply.
    • Operation Voltage: With an operation voltage of 250V, it’s well-suited for various electrical applications, ensuring stable and consistent power delivery.
    • Withstand Voltage: This socket can withstand voltage up to 2000V, providing excellent insulation and safety during operation.
    • IP Degree: Our socket boasts an IP degree of IP54, making it resistant to dust and water ingress, ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage.
    • Withstand Voltage (AC): It can endure a voltage of 2000V AC for a minimum period, ensuring it meets safety and quality standards.
    • Fire Rating: This socket complies with UL94V-0 fire rating, assuring you of its high fire-resistant properties and safety.
    • Working Temperature: With a wide operating temperature range from -30°C to +50°C, it performs reliably in various environmental conditions, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

    Our 60A AC rated socket is a durable and robust solution for your power supply needs. With its excellent safety features, high-quality materials, and broad operating temperature range, it’s an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. Whether you need it for industrial use or as part of your electrical infrastructure, this socket is designed to deliver consistent and reliable power. Count on our 60A AC rated socket for your electrical needs, knowing it meets the highest safety and quality standards.


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