Right Angle 8mm EV High Voltage Connector Energy HVIL HV Connector

Introducing Our Battery Connector for Storage

    Product name Battery connector for storage
    Rated current 150A 200A 400A
    Rated voltage 1500V Max
    Test Voltage Tuv 4260V AC
    Minimum Mating Cycles 500 times
    Wire Range 120MM2
    IP Degree IP67
    Gender Male / Female
    Orientation Straight / Right Angle
    Number of Positions 1 Pin
    Rated Current 450A
    Termination Style Crimp
    Color Option Red / Black / Orange

    Product Details:

    • Product Name: Our battery connector for storage is designed for reliable power connections in energy storage applications.
    • Rated Current: It is available in multiple rated current options, including 150A, 200A, and 400A, to accommodate various energy storage systems.
    • Rated Voltage: The connector supports a maximum rated voltage of 1500V, ensuring compatibility with high-voltage storage systems.
    • Test Voltage: It has been tested to meet TUV standards with a withstand voltage of 4260V AC, ensuring its electrical safety and reliability.
    • Minimum Mating Cycles: The connector offers a minimum mating cycle of 500 times, providing long-lasting performance and durability.
    • Wire Range: It supports a wire range of 120MM2, allowing for the connection of different wire sizes commonly used in energy storage systems.
    • IP Degree: With an IP67 rating, this battery connector is highly protected against dust and temporary immersion in water, making it suitable for outdoor and challenging environments.
    • Gender: The connector is available in both male and female versions to accommodate various connection needs.
    • Orientation: You can choose between straight and right-angle orientations, depending on the layout and configuration of your energy storage system.
    • Number of Positions: This connector is designed with 1 pin, providing a single electrical connection point.
    • Rated Current (Alternate Option): In addition to the previously mentioned current ratings, there is also an option for a higher rated current of 450A for applications that require more power.
    • Termination Style: The connector features a crimp termination style, which is a secure and efficient method for connecting wires.
    • Color Option: It comes in multiple color options, including red, black, and orange, allowing for easy identification and organization in complex systems.

    Our battery connector for storage is a versatile and reliable solution for energy storage applications. With various current ratings, high-rated voltage, IP67 protection, and options for orientation and color, it can be tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are designing an energy storage system for renewable energy, backup power, or industrial applications, this connector ensures secure and efficient electrical connections.


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