32A J1772 male to IEC 62196-2 ev car charger adapter type 1 to type 2

Introducing Our Type 1 to Type 2 EV Adapter

    Model Number type 1 to type 2 ev adapter
    Material: Thermoplastic
    Function: For Electric Vehicle Power Supply
    Feature: Low Energy Consumption
    Insulation resistance: >5MΩ(DC500V)
    Rated voltage: 250V AC
    Color Black
    Rated current: 32A
    Mechanical life no-load plug in/out >10000 times
    Applied materials Case material: thermoplastic .flame retardant grade UL94 V-0
    Terminal:Copper alloy, silver plating

    Product Details:

    • Model Number: Type 1 to Type 2 EV Adapter
    • Material: Made from high-quality thermoplastic, ensuring durability and safety during use.
    • Function: Designed for Electric Vehicle Power Supply, allowing you to charge your EV with ease and convenience.
    • Feature: Boasts low energy consumption, making it an efficient and eco-friendly choice for your electric vehicle.
    • Insulation Resistance: Offers excellent electrical insulation with a rating of >5MΩ (at DC500V), ensuring a safe charging experience.
    • Rated Voltage: Supports a rated voltage of 250V AC, suitable for most electric vehicle charging scenarios.
    • Working Temperature: This adapter is built to withstand a wide range of temperatures, from -30°C to +50°C, making it suitable for various environments and weather conditions.
    • Color: Comes in a sleek black color that complements your EV charging setup.
    • Rated Current: Capable of handling a rated current of 32A, allowing for efficient and fast charging.
    • Mechanical Life: The adapter is designed for longevity, with a mechanical life of over 10,000 no-load plug in/out cycles.
    • Applied Materials: The case material is made of thermoplastic with a UL94 V-0 flame retardant grade, ensuring safety. The terminal is constructed from copper alloy with silver plating for optimal electrical conductivity.

    Our Type 1 to Type 2 EV Adapter is a reliable and durable solution for electric vehicle charging. With its high insulation resistance, efficient energy consumption, and robust construction, it provides a safe and efficient charging experience. Whether you need to adapt your Type 1 charger to Type 2 or simply want a versatile solution for various EVs, this adapter is an ideal choice. Charge your electric vehicle with confidence using our high-quality Type 1 to Type 2 EV Adapter.


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