AC 110V 220V 32A 7KW Type1 to gbt to SAE J1772 plug ev charging adapter

Introducing Our TYPE 1 to GBT EV Adapter

    Model Number TYPE 1 to GBT ev adapter
    Executive standard: SAE J1772
    Application Type1 to GBT adapter
    Material: Thermoplastic material
    Rated Voltage: 110V-220V AC
    Waterproof: IP54
    Color Black


    Product Details:

    • Executive Standard: Our TYPE 1 to GBT EV adapter adheres to the SAE J1772 standard, ensuring compatibility and safe operation.
    • Application: This adapter is designed for Type 1 to GBT applications, allowing you to connect and charge your electric vehicle seamlessly.
    • Material: Constructed from thermoplastic material, this adapter is durable and resistant to various environmental conditions.
    • Rated Voltage: With a rated voltage range of 110V-220V AC, it’s suitable for different power sources and charging requirements.
    • Waterproof: The IP54 rating of this adapter provides protection against dust and water, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
    • Working Temperature: Designed to perform reliably in various environmental conditions, this adapter operates within a temperature range of -30°C to +50°C.
    • Color: The sleek black color not only adds an aesthetic touch but also ensures visibility and ease of use.

    Our TYPE 1 to GBT EV adapter is a reliable solution for your electric vehicle charging needs. Its adherence to the SAE J1772 standard ensures compatibility with a wide range of electric vehicles. With durable thermoplastic construction and an IP54 waterproof rating, it’s suitable for various applications, including both indoor and outdoor charging. The broad working temperature range allows it to function effectively in different weather conditions. Whether you’re an electric vehicle owner or part of an EV charging infrastructure, this adapter provides a safe and efficient way to connect your Type 1 vehicle to a GBT charging station.


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