Japan Chademo To Gbt Adapter 125a Ev Adapter Dc Charger Connector

Introducing Our CHAdeMO to GB/T EV Adapter

    Model Number CHADEMO to GBT ev adapter
    Current 125A DC max
    Voltage 100-500VDC
    Enclosure rating IP54
    Storage Temperature -40~+85℃
    Waterproof: IP54
    Color Black
    Charging Port: CCS 2, GB/T, CCS1, CHAdeMO
    Combination CCS COMBO 2 TO GB/T, CCS COMBO 1 TO GB/T, CHAdeMO to GB/T
    Voltage: 100-1000V CCS /500v CHAdeMO, 100-1000V CCS / 500V CHAdeMO

    Product Details:

    • Model Number: Our CHAdeMO to GB/T EV adapter is designed to offer electric vehicle (EV) owners a flexible solution for charging compatibility. It enables vehicles equipped with a CHAdeMO connector to connect to GB/T charging stations.
    • Current and Voltage: This adapter supports a maximum current of 125A and a voltage range of 100-500VDC, ensuring it can handle various CHAdeMO charging scenarios.
    • Enclosure Rating: The adapter is rated at IP54 for enclosure protection, making it suitable for outdoor use and providing protection against dust and moisture.
    • Storage Temperature: With a wide storage temperature range from -40°C to +85°C, it can withstand extreme environmental conditions.
    • Waterproof: It is rated at IP54 for waterproofing, ensuring reliable performance even in wet conditions.
    • Working Temperature: The adapter operates effectively in temperatures ranging from -30°C to +50°C, ensuring it can handle different climate conditions.
    • Color: With its black color, this adapter offers both aesthetics and visibility, making it easy to use and locate.
    • Charging Port Compatibility: It can connect to various charging ports, including CCS 2, GB/T, CCS1, and CHAdeMO.
    • Combination: This adapter can be used in combinations such as CCS COMBO 2 TO GB/T, CCS COMBO 1 TO GB/T, and CHAdeMO to GB/T.
    • Voltage Compatibility: It’s suitable for use with a wide voltage range, supporting 100-1000V CCS and 500V CHAdeMO, making it versatile for different charging situations.

    Our CHAdeMO to GB/T EV adapter is an essential accessory for EV owners who need to connect their CHAdeMO-equipped vehicles to GB/T charging stations. With its robust electrical specifications, waterproof and temperature-resistant design, and compatibility with various charging ports, this adapter ensures a reliable and safe charging experience. Whether you’re using public charging stations or need flexibility in your charging options, this adapter provides a solution to keep your electric vehicle charged and ready for your travels.


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