16A 32A 380V AC EV Convert to GBT Male Plug Chinese Car Type 2 IEC 62196

Introducing Our High-Quality Charging Connector for Electric Vehicles

    Rated Current 16A/32A,single/three phase
    Rated Voltage 200V-250V:380V-450V
    Standard GB/T 20234 IEC62196
    IP Degree IP55(EV Adaptor)/IP44(After Insertion
    Inflammability Rating UL94 V-0
    Insulation resistance 0.5mQMax
    Mating and UN-mating Force 45<F<80N
    Mechanical Life (Normal use) >10000 times
    Shell Thermoplastic material
    Connector Pin Copper alloy,silver plating


    Product Specifications:

    • Rated Current: Available in 16A or 32A, suitable for single-phase or three-phase charging.
    • Rated Voltage: Supports a voltage range of 200V-250V and 380V-450V, catering to various charging scenarios.
    • Standard: Complies with GB/T 20234 and IEC62196 standards, ensuring compatibility with electric vehicles and charging infrastructure.
    • IP Degree: Features an IP55 rating for the EV adapter and an IP44 rating after insertion, guaranteeing protection against environmental elements.
    • Inflammability Rating: UL94 V-0 rated for superior fire resistance.
    • Insulation Resistance: Boasts a maximum of 0.5mΩ to ensure efficient electrical insulation.
    • Mating and UN-mating Force: The connector’s engagement and disengagement forces fall within the range of 45N to 80N, striking a balance between secure connections and ease of use.
    • Mechanical Life (Normal Use): With a lifespan exceeding 10,000 mating and unmating cycles under typical conditions, this connector is built to last.
    • Working Temperature: Designed to operate flawlessly in temperatures ranging from -30°C to +50°C, suitable for a variety of climates.
    • Shell: Crafted from high-quality thermoplastic material, offering durability and protection.
    • Connector Pin: Made from copper alloy with silver plating to ensure robust electrical conductivity.

    Our charging connector is a reliable and safe solution for electric vehicle charging. It meets stringent standards, is built to endure rigorous use, and provides a secure and efficient connection every time. Whether you’re a charging station operator or an EV owner, this connector is designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Experience hassle-free and dependable EV charging with our high-quality connector.


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