WORE All series of high-quality DC and AC integrated charging sockets EV Changer

The “HongSound EV Socket” is a top-quality charging solution designed to meet the demands of electric vehicle (EV) owners and charging station operators. As a trusted brand, HongSound ensures performance, reliability, and safety in every product.

    Model Number ev socket
    Brand Name HongSound
    Type: GB/T,American/European Standard
    Material: silicone rubber+PA6+25%fiberglass
    protection cap: flip to left/right;inserting protection cap
    Certificate: CE Approved
    wire gauge: 2.5mm2/6mm2
    Color Black
    Mating cycles: 10000times
    Operating Temperature: -30°C ~ +50°C
    Product Name Ev Charging Sockets


    Key Features:

    • Model Number: EV Socket
    • Brand Name: HongSound, a name you can trust for superior quality.
    • Type: This versatile socket supports GB/T, American, and European standards, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of EVs.
    • Material: Crafted with a combination of silicone rubber, PA6, and 25% fiberglass, providing durability and reliability.
    • Protection Cap: Features a protection cap that can flip to the left or right, ensuring the socket remains clean and safe from debris when not in use.
    • Certificate: CE Approved, giving you peace of mind regarding quality and adherence to international standards.
    • Wire Gauge: Supports 2.5mm2 and 6mm2 wire gauges, providing flexibility for various installation needs.
    • Color: The sleek black design adds a touch of sophistication to your charging station.
    • Mating Cycles: With a rating of 10,000 mating cycles, the HongSound EV Socket is built to last and withstand repeated use.
    • Operating Temperature: Capable of operating reliably in temperatures ranging from -30°C to +50°C, making it suitable for diverse environments and weather conditions.
    • Product Name: EV Charging Sockets, emphasizing the core function and purpose of the product.

    Whether you’re a homeowner looking to charge your EV or a business owner operating charging stations, the “HongSound EV Socket” is the perfect choice. Its adaptability, durability, and safety features make it a top-tier product in the EV charging industry.

    Elevate your EV charging setup today with the “HongSound EV Socket” and experience the difference in convenience, reliability, and performance. Choose the “HongSound EV Socket” for a superior charging experience that meets your high standards.


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