WORE 250V DC AC Charging Connector complying With SAE J1772 2500V AC Car Ev Charger

Introducing the “High Power Charging Connector” – Your High-Performance Charging Solution

    Model Number High Power Charging Connector
    Rated Voltage 250V AC
    Rated Current 16A/32A/40A/48A/80A
    Certificate TUV/CE
    Withstand Voltage 2500V AC
    Mechanical Lifetime >10000 cycles (no-load)
    Insulation Resistance >500MQ
    Flame Retardant Grade Ul94 V-0
    Protection Degree IP55
    Operating Moisture 5%-95%(40°C)
    Insertion and Separation Forces F<70N



    The “High Power Charging Connector” is your go-to solution for robust and reliable electric vehicle (EV) charging. Designed to meet the demands of both EV owners and charging station operators, this product offers top-tier performance, safety, and durability.

    Key Features:

    • Model Number: High Power Charging Connector
    • Rated Voltage: Designed to operate efficiently at 250V AC, ensuring compatibility with common power systems.
    • Rated Current: Provides a range of current ratings, including 16A, 32A, 40A, 48A, and 80A, allowing you to choose the charging speed that suits your specific needs.
    • Certificate: Certified by TUV and CE, giving you confidence in the product’s quality and adherence to international standards.
    • Withstand Voltage: Can handle a robust 2500V AC, ensuring safe and stable operation.
    • Mechanical Lifetime: Boasts a mechanical lifetime of over 10,000 cycles (no-load), demonstrating long-lasting performance and durability.
    • Insulation Resistance: Offers insulation resistance of over 500MQ, ensuring safety and reliability.
    • Flame Retardant Grade: Complies with UL94 V-0 flame retardant standards, prioritizing safety.
    • Working Temperature: Operates reliably within a wide temperature range from -30°C to +50°C, making it suitable for various environments and climates.
    • Protection Degree: Features an IP55 protection rating, providing resistance to moisture and dust, ensuring longevity.
    • Operating Moisture: Operates effectively in a range of 5%-95% at 40°C, offering adaptability to different environmental conditions.
    • Insertion and Separation Forces: Provides easy-to-use connectors with insertion and separation forces less than 70N, ensuring convenience during usage.

    Whether you’re a residential EV owner or a business offering high-power EV charging services, the “High Power Charging Connector” is the perfect choice. Its adaptability, durability, and safety features make it a top-tier product in the EV charging industry.

    Upgrade your high-power EV charging infrastructure today with the “High Power Charging Connector” and experience the difference in convenience, reliability, and performance. Choose this charging connector for a superior EV charging experience that exceeds your expectations.


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