Hot Sale Portable EV Charger 16A 3.5kw Charging TYPE 2 Electric Car Charger

The provided specifications are as follows:

    Short Description:
    Power :3.5KW
    Input voltage: single-phase AC220±20%V
    Rated current :16A
    AC line: L=0.5 m
    Interface: European standard
    Protection level :IP54
    Size: 180*65*40mm
    Display: indicator light
    Color: Black
    Function: Plug and charge
    Leakage current: > 22ma
    Weight: 1.8 kg
    Place of Origin Guangdong, China
    Brand Name HONGSOUND
    Power 3.5KW
    Input voltage single-phase AC220±20%V
    Rated current 16A
    Certificate /
    CE, ROHS
    AC line L=1.5 m
    Warranty 1 year
    Interface European standard
    Protection level IP54
    Size 180*65*40mm
    Display indicator light
    Function Plug and charge
    Color Black
    Operating temperature -30°C to +55°C
    Leakage current > 22mA


    • Power: 3.5KW
    • Input Voltage: Single-phase AC220±20%V
    • Rated Current: 16A
    • AC Line: L=0.5 m
    • Interface: European Standard
    • Protection Level: IP54
    • Size: 1806540mm
    • Display: Indicator Light
    • Color: Black
    • Function: Plug and Charge
    • Leakage Current: > 22mA


    • The product complies with CE and ROHS standards.

    These specifications describe a charging unit with a power capacity of 3.5KW, suitable for single-phase AC220V input. It is designed for the European market with an IP54 protection rating, making it suitable for various environmental conditions. The product is compact and includes indicator lights for easy operation. The compliance with CE and ROHS standards ensures its safety and adherence to regulations. The provided information is essential for potential users and installers to understand the product’s capabilities and compatibility.



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