Electric vehicle charging pile charger DC 750V 150250A national GBT standard 9-core socket EV250S

Our “GB/T Socket” is a cutting-edge product designed to meet the demanding needs of high-powered DC charging. This versatile and reliable solution caters to various charging requirements and is ideal for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, ensuring a fast and efficient charging experience.


    Model Number GB/T socket
    Type Outlet, Plug, Inlet, J1772, for Tesla, CCS1, CCS2, Type2
    Rated current: 80A 150A 200A 250A option
    Work voltage: DC 1000V
    Insulation resistance: >2000MΩ (DC 1000V)
    Withstand voltage: 3200V
    End warm up: <50K
    Color Black
    Contact resistance: 0.5m Max
    Flame retardant grade: UL94 V-0
    Product Name DC Charging Female Socket Meet GB/T 20234.3-2015 Standard
    Current 250Amps

    Key Features:

    • Model Number: GB/T Socket
    • Type: Available in various configurations, including Outlet, Plug, Inlet, J1772, for Tesla, CCS1, CCS2, and Type2, offering compatibility with a wide range of EVs.
    • Rated Current: Choose from 80A, 150A, 200A, or 250A options, allowing you to match the socket’s current capacity with your specific charging needs.
    • Work Voltage: Designed to handle a powerful DC voltage of 1000V, ensuring efficient and high-speed charging.
    • Insulation Resistance: With an insulation resistance of over 2000MΩ at DC 1000V, safety and reliability are paramount in the GB/T Socket’s design.
    • Withstand Voltage: The socket can withstand a voltage of 3200V, guaranteeing secure and stable operation under challenging conditions.
    • End Warm-Up: With an end warm-up of less than 50K, the socket remains cool during operation, contributing to safety and performance.
    • Color: The sleek black design adds a touch of sophistication to your charging station.
    • Contact Resistance: With a maximum contact resistance of 0.5m, our GB/T Socket ensures efficient and reliable electrical connections.
    • Flame Retardant Grade: Complies with UL94 V-0 flame retardant standards, further enhancing safety.
    • Product Name: DC Charging Female Socket, meeting the GB/T 20234.3-2015 Standard.
    • Current: Designed for a robust 250Amps current, making it a perfect choice for high-speed EV charging.

    Whether you operate an EV charging station, service electric vehicle fleets, or simply want fast and efficient home charging, our “GB/T Socket” is the ultimate choice. Its adaptability, safety features, and high current capacity make it a top-tier product in the EV charging industry.

    Upgrade your charging infrastructure today with the “GB/T Socket” and experience the difference in speed, reliability, and convenience. Don’t compromise on your high-powered DC charging needs; choose the “GB/T Socket” for a top-quality charging experience.


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